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EastEdge Partners is a boutique real estate firm based in Japan which specializes in niche asset advisory including sourcing and brokerage, development, and project management, with strong experience in the hospitality, residential and energy sectors.

Investment Advisory is a buy-side function wherein EastEdge provides market research, strategic advise, sourcing, arrangement, brokerage and management services to clients seeking investment in institutionally investable Japanese real estate.  We also provide customized advisory services to retail clients looking for unique lifestyle property, resorts and hotel / ryokan, Tokyo investment property, and renewable energy development sites.

Development is a function wherein EastEdge creates and executes real estate concepts that diverge from the current market attention but are fundamentally solid and deliver above-average returns due to their positioning as first mover in each niche. We also provide development management services for innovative companies and brands attempting to enter the Japan market.

Energy is a division undertaking site sourcing, project consulting and management of renewable energy developments in Japan, in coordination with our sister company EastEdge Energy.

KK EastEdge Partners (a Japan domiciled joint-stock corporation or kabushiki kaisha) was established in April of 2007 to participate in the Real Estate services market in these three main functions, Investment Advisory and Brokerage, Development, and Hospitality, reflecting the experience and track record of the EastEdge team.  We are a specialist in residential, hospitality, and energy sectors with a broad capability to serve clients with varied needs.  We see a unique opportunity in this sector of Japan`s real estate market where players can add extensive value through an international perspective and innovative competence.

EastEdge Partners has a paid-in capital of JPY 70 Million and its headquarters in Akihabara, Tokyo.

We are a licensed real estate broker in Japan under the Land and Building Transactions Law, license number Tokyo (1) 88693, effective as of December 29, 2007.  We are also a licensed non-discretionary investment manager in Japan under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law, Financial Product Advisory (Jogen/Dairi) license number Kanto Financial Bureau 1712, effective as of January 22, 2008.

Feel free to contact us regarding any inquiries!

KK EastEdge Partners

TheParkRex Iwamotocho Bldg 5F, 3-2-2 Iwamotocho, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo 101-0032


TEL +81 3 5809 3869   In Japan 03 5809 3869

FAX +81 3 5809 3859  In Japan 5809 3859


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