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We believe that our company exists to contribute to society and enrich the lives of employees, to take care of the environment, and to build economic benefit for all stakeholders. We strive to incorporate these principles into our products and corporate culture.

The logo mark of EastEdge stylizes the Chinese character for “People”, which is the core of our business. 

We are a creative business, operating in the Real Estate sector. We strive to create products that are not correlated to other investments and further add value through development and operation. 

We are a client-driven business, offering in-depth knowledge of the real estate markets through extensive research and participation in the market. We seek to help investors understand the market and make prudent investment decisions and good execution through advisory and sourcing. 

We believe in taking the long-term and holistic benefit view to our projects and wish to work with clients and investors with the same view. 

Our Core Business Principles are: 

  1. Transparency – to keep business open, fair, and properly governed
  2. Social Responsibility – to community, to customers, to partners and stakeholders
  3. Sustainability – to act responsibly as a member of the environment we live and work within
  4. Long-term Perspective – to observe with a broader view and create products to serve the next generation
  5. Profit Sharing – to give created value back to partners and society

Our Corporate Culture is embodied in the following ideas: 

  1. Humanity & Hospitality
  2. Partnership & Fairness
  3. Differentiation & Creativity
  4. Progressive First Movers
  5. Responsibility & Diligence

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