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from Seeking Alpha, click link for entire article: Japan’s J-REIT Market to Get a $10.5 Billion Bailout

`While talking about it since March, the Japanese government (specifically, the Financial Services Agency and the Land Ministry) appears to be in the final stages of pumping over $10 billion into the J-REIT market and removing impediments to consolidation in the industry. The market-weighted average yield has recently been as high as 7%, but investors remained leery because of balance sheet and liquidity risk.`   Here`s their JREIT performance graph demonstrating the recent stabilization.

Banks can not very well avoid refinancing JREIT debt now with all of the government back up and regulator pressure.  This and the Lonestar pricing of New City has put a floor on the market – and likely an indicator of a bottom for the J-REIT sector.

It is `officially` time to get into the J-REIT market.


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