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EastEdge Partners is a hospitality specialist in Japan sourcing for and advising foreign clients wishing exposure to the attractive market here, which may be otherwise difficult to access for foreign firms.

Deals we work with range from small boutique resort to large business and city hotels, USD$5M on up to portfolios of value several hundred million.

The fundamentals are very strong in major Japan cities and resort destinations with inbound tourism from Asia increasing rapidly, domestic outbound tourism being diverted to inbound due to soaring travel costs, and a quickly growing retiree population.

Discounts are appearing due to refinancing problems and we believe it is a good time to get into the sector. Cap rates from 5-6% in the city to over 10% in resort product can be achieved, while the 10-yr prime lending rate is still ultra-low at 1.2% and likely to stay there for a while.

EastEdge Partners is a Japan licensed broker and investment management firm based in Tokyo.

EastEdge Partners can source, help with structuring, manage assets, operate, facilitate repositioning and redevelopment, etc. Whatever support you need on the ground in Japan for hospitality assets, we can provide.

If you have a desire to look at deals available, or any questions about hospitality in Japan, please give our advisory division a shout:

Advisory Division
EastEdge Partners
PH: +81 3 3584 5067
FAX: +81 3 3584 5068


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  1. Dear Shintaku-san,

    We will keep you in mind.

    Kind Regards,
    EastEdge Management

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